You have already received your video, but you are not quite happy with the result or it does not fit your brief... πŸ˜” In such case, you can request video edits. See the steps below to do so:

Content > More > Request Edits > (choose from drop-down menu and leave a comment) > Send Request

Keep in mind that you CAN request edits if:

βœ… creator uploaded the video which does not fit the original brief;

βœ… creator forgot to include (mention) information that was stated in the brief;

βœ… creator uploaded the video which is too long/wrong ratio;

βœ… creator mispronounced your brand name.

Unfortunately, you CANNOT request edits if:

❌ you want additional scenes, mentions, or edits that weren’t mentioned in the brief;

❌ you want to remove the voice-over in your video, even though you haven't; specified that this can't be used in your task brief;

❌ you want to change the call to action statement (for example, the promotion date changed);

Make sure to include all edits in one request so that the creator can edit your video all at once.😊

❗If there is an issue with subtitles/add-ons, please let our CS team know.

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