How to delete my account

How to delete my personal data from Billo?

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If you wish to remove your personal data from Billo, reach out to our Customer support team via chat πŸ’¬

  • Send your request using the email associated with the Billo account you want to delete

  • Include your Name/Brand name that you used on the signup.

To learn more about how we handle personal data, read Billo Privacy Policy πŸ—’

Need to delete a brand connected to your account?

Go to "My Brands" > Click on the brand you want to delete > Click on "Brand" > Edit > Delete πŸš€ To double check if this was a success, go back to My Brands, and you should not be able to see the brand you just deleted πŸ€“

Need a visual? Check this out πŸ‘‡

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