To give your client the same access as you when viewing the brand dashboard, you can invite them to collaborate with you on the same Brand Dashboard 🤩

1. Head on over to Brand > Users 👥

2. Click on Invite and input their email address 💌

3. Click on Send invite, and your teammates should be notified 🙋

  • If your teammate does not have their own Billo account, they will be sent a sign-up link so they can create their account 👤

  • If your teammate has their own Billo account, they are informed that they now have access and can view the brand under 🧳 My Brands

What does it look like for your clients?

Clients added to a brand are able to access the whole brand dashboard, which includes the Creators tab (for reviewing applicants) and the Content tab (to review videos pending approval, and download approved videos) 😎

Since clients will be able to access the entire brand dashboard, they will be able to do the same things you are, such as request edits, approve and reject creators on their own, view your creator's shipping information, and create new tasks, so keep this in mind if you decide to collaborate with your client on the same brand account 😎

💡 PRO TIP: Your clients will not be able to see the other brands linked to your account, but only the specific brand they were added to

You can always visit our Agency Help Center for more information 🚀

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