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For Creators: My Video Pitch is approved! What's next?
For Creators: My Video Pitch is approved! What's next?

How do I start applying to tasks?

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First things first, you should make sure your profile information is complete 😎

Here's a checklist:

βœ… Profile Photo πŸ‘€

Put a face to your name! Add a profile photo that clearly shows us who you are.

βœ… Profile Information 🏠

Make sure that the information shows your complete address and contact number to avoid lost packages.

βœ… PayPal Information πŸ€‘

You need this so we can release your payouts for the tasks you work on.

How to upload your profile photo and make sure your profile is complete:

A complete profile should look something like this:

Get some applying action going! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Get yourself out there and show brands that you mean business, yet still having fun while doing it. Apply for the tasks via Billo Creator's app while clicking the tab β€œoffers”.

More applications = more chances you get to be approved.

On average you need to apply to ~30 tasks in order to be approved for one. So keep those applications coming!

😒 I’ve applied to the tasks but never got accepted

It’s time to update your video pitch! Make sure you upload a high-quality video that represents your skills. We have prepared a few tips and tricks on video creation that will help you out.

P.S. If you have any questions - message us anytime πŸ’Œ

Already approved for your first task? Click here πŸš€


Have other questions? Visit our Creators help center.

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