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For Creators: I got approved for a task, what's next?
For Creators: I got approved for a task, what's next?
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First things first! Turn on your notifications so that you get updates on the progress of your task πŸ’Œ

While the brand sends you their product and delivery process could take a while - create a game plan, be strategic, and plan how to execute your video beforehand. Save your time and ensure your video’s quality!

1. Brand Ships Out The Product πŸš€

➝ Thoroughly read through the brief

Write down the duration/aspect ratio/scenes/mentions down. Plan out, what to say/do on each shot. We recommend doing some brand research, educating yourself on the product (why somebody would love to buy it). Get familiar with the message that the brand is trying to get across. Are they cool? Laidback? Authentic?

➝ Plan Your Video Shoot

Plan out the actual footage that needs to be shot. For example: introduce yourself, talk about the product while using some cool close-up shots, show the product in use, and then share your thoughts firmly.

Think of how you’re going to present yourself: there are certain scenarios, where the looks matter. 
For example, while reviewing skincare products make sure that you don’t wear makeup, have beautiful bare skin, etc.


Lights, camera, action! πŸŽ₯
Once the product is in your hands - you have 5 days to upload your content.

❗️Make sure you mark your product as received on the Billo Creator's app:

If there is a chance you received the product, and it's damaged or incorrect, please mark it as such on the Billo Creator's app so that the CS Team is notified πŸ’¬

You've marked the product as received πŸ“¦

➝ Prepare Your Script

➝ Shoot an unboxing video for your final edit

➝ Test out the product. Get familiar with it.

Shoot Your Video 🎬
➝ Double-check what aspect ratio are you shooting for (9x16, 1x1, 4x5, 16x9)

➝ Do test shots with the product

➝ Film yourself using the product

➝ Film different angles of the product

➝ Review your footage and check if you have all the shots you need for your final edit

Edit Your Video πŸ“²
➝ Edit video to the length that was requested (15s, 30s, 60s)

➝ Consider using jump cuts to break one single take

➝ Review your final edit and check if the message is clear and fits the brief


Go to the task you’ve shot the video for and upload it.

Upload your videos via Billo Creator's app instead of sending it directly to the brands. If you communicate and send the video directly to the brand, Billo will not be able to make a payout to you.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t post videos on your social media, you only have to upload them on the Billo Creator's app.


Keep going! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨

Approved videos become your video examples for the brands to review while choosing creators.

So with each video, you get a chance to try out and show off something new, fun, and exciting!

Keep applying and keep those new examples coming!

P.S. If you have any questions - message us via chat anytime πŸ’Œ


Have other questions? Visit our Creators help center.

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