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All about the TikTok / Short / Reel Video type
All about the TikTok / Short / Reel Video type

Order fun and engaging videos perfect for this type of content

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Ready to hop on the latest trends but not sure where to start? We got you!

The TikTok/Short/Reel video type is made for brands who want to order awesome and engaging videos that are perfect for this social media platform πŸš€

How are these videos different from other video types on Billo?

  • Work with our talented & hand-selected creators to craft engaging social media ads.

  • Infotainment style content - Share more about your product with viewers in a fun and entertaining way πŸ‘―

  • Our in-house editors will edit your videos, leveling them up with TikTok-specific graphics & music to grab the attention! 🀩

Suggestions for ordering this video type

  • Any links to trendy video examples can be shared in the Content Examples πŸ€“

  • Include all relevant information in the Video brief part of task creation ✍️

Video brief for this video Type

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

  • You can add 2 benefits of your product that you want the creator to mention in the video.

Select Scenes

  1. Hook - refers to the opening segment or element of the video designed to grab the viewer's attention and encourage them to keep watching πŸ‘€

  2. Concept - refers to the overarching idea or theme that drives the content and guides its creation. 🎁

  3. Call-to-action - a specific prompt or instruction given to the audience at the end of the video, urging them to take a particular action. 🎀

Video parameters:

Product Type

πŸ“¦ Physical products

πŸ“² Digital products/Services

Video Quality

πŸ“½ Premium Quality only

Video Duration

15 / 30 / 60 Seconds

Aspect Ratio

9:16 only

Extra Services

TikTok-specific graphics and music

Trending Video examples made by our Billo Creators 😎

Want to see more? Check hereπŸ‘‡

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