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How does Billo work?
How many creators are on Billo?
How many creators are on Billo?

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

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Billo has an existing base of 3200+ creators who are based in the US! πŸš€ There is a wide range of creators of all ages, races, genders, etc. who can provide videos for your specific needs. Even better, we work with brands from all around the world 🌎

Specific Creators on Billo

Some of the specific types of Creators we have on Billo:

  • expecting parents 🀰

  • couples πŸ’‘

  • has kids πŸ§’

  • has a pet 🐢 🐱 🐟

  • lives an active lifestyle πŸƒ

  • can film outdoors, in a car, and in other specific locations πŸ˜‰

  • ... and so much more! πŸš€

Check out these cool examples of videos made by our creators that showcase their videography skills here 😎

Creator Criteria

This is the best way to make sure that your task reaches the right audience of creators who can apply to make your video 🀩

When choosing your Creator Criteria:

  • Choose between Regular or Premium Creators,

  • Select your preferred creator's age and gender,

  • Select tags that reflect your ideal creator's characteristics

  • Include more specific characteristics in the Additional Notes

Creator Details

  • If you need to pre-collect information from your creators or have a personalized product, we suggest adding a Product Preferences form as soon as you make your task πŸš€

  • You'll be able to see more about the Creators and their experience when viewing the Creator Tags in their application 🀩

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