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How does Billo work?
I approved a creator, what happens next?
I approved a creator, what happens next?

How much time to do I have to ship out my product?

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Well done! You've just chosen the creator to work with you. Now they need to get your product or service 🤝

We do ask brands to send their products to the creators for free, as it is part of their reward for making a video for your brand. ✈️

You’ll find creators' addresses under the Delivery section in the main toolbar on Billo Manage. Addresses of the creators appear straight after you approve the creators you want to work with.

Please ship the products to Billo creators and update delivery information on Billo in 2 days after you approved creators' applications. 📦 (please update package tracking details once you send the product out).

What happens next?

  • Once creators have a product in their hands, they will create the content.

  • You’ll be notified when the content is ready for approval.

  • When you approve the content, creators get rewarded 🎉

Want to approve more creators who applied?

Accidentally approved a creator?

Reach out to us via chat so we can help you unapprove or replace them 💬

The creator is late to upload?

Try reaching out to the creator via direct message, or send us a message via chat so we can follow it up 🚀

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