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Creator: B-Roll and why you need it in your edits
Creator: B-Roll and why you need it in your edits

B-Roll? How do I do that?

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📽 A-Roll vs B-Roll 🤷

  • A-Roll is footage that “tells” the story, such as an interview. It’s the primary video and audio.

  • B-Roll is secondary footage, to provide more context and visual interest to your main footage. All combined you get an amazing final video that captivates viewers at each second.

Let's talk about B-Roll It's important to shoot B-roll that provides relevant context to support the story. It provides visual interest to your video, and the variety of shots keeps viewers engaged. This is also the chance to get creative with telling the brand's story and can be used to seamlessly hide the cut between the two takes of A-roll. 🚀

Here's an example of a video with A-Roll and B-Roll:

👀 Look For New Angles: Get creative, experiment, and try different ways of filming. Bring out the creative/innovative child in you!

Time-lapse Mode: Consider using the time-lapse mode to showcase the duration of time. If your product requires assembly or its features can be revealed over some period of time. For best results put your phone on a sturdy surface or tripod.

🤠 Duct Tape Method: Take your phone and stick it to any surface you think would be an interesting angle to film. Fridge, door, mirror, window, wall, ceiling, fan, table leg, your shoes… But be careful, it’s your phone!

Not sure how to edit B-Roll into your video? Here's a helpful video you can look into 🚀

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