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Creator: How to PLAN your video shot in order to save time?
Creator: How to PLAN your video shot in order to save time?

Tips & Tricks

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You Get Approved For A Task 🀩

While Brand Ships Out The Product 🚚

➝ Thoroughly read through the brief ➝ Plan Your Video Shoot

You Receive The Product πŸ“¦

➝ Prepare Your Voice-Over Script ➝ Consider shooting an unboxing video for your final edit ➝ Test out the product. Get familiar with it.

Shoot Your Video 🎬

➝ Double-check what aspect ratio are you shooting for (9x16, 1x1, 4x5, 16x9) ➝ Do test shots with the product ➝ Film yourself using the product ➝ Film different angles of the product ➝ Review your footage and check if you have all the shots you need for your final edit

Edit Your Video

➝ Edit video to the length that was requested (15s, 30s, 60s) ➝ Consider using Jump Cuts to break the one single take ➝ Review your final edit and check if the message is clear and fits the brief

Upload Your Video to πŸ“²

➝ Upload all videos related to this project to your storage folder ➝ That’s it for this video. Enjoy the work you’ve done

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