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Hey there, rockstar!

Beginnings are not the easiest, especially when you’re starting out as a content creator. You’re faced with things like, aspect ratios, scripts, voice overs… So it can get a bit overwhelming 😳

But don’t worry! We gotch you 😎

We hope this article will be your holy grail, when it comes to making videos. So buckle up and let’s get started with the essentials of content creation! 🎥

First things first - it’s all about quality!

  • Before you start filming your video, make sure to read up on the brand and the product that you have to present. After you do your research, feel free to write down a few key points, so you wouldn’t have to make up things on the spot.

  • Then pick the best spot for the video. Take into account what kind of product you’re reviewing, for example if it’s a cosmetics product - try filming it in the bathroom, so the surroundings reflect where you would naturally use the product. No need to mention that the best time for filming is during the day, since natural light looks the best in videos. If you don’t get a good amount of light, you can try investing in a small selfie ring light.

  • Now about the audio. It’s one of the most important things in content creation, because no matter how great the video is, if the sound is faulty - people will not want to sit through it. If you want to step up your content creation game a bit, you might want to invest in a small microphone. And if you’re filming outside, we recommend using voiceovers to avoid poor audio quality.

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  • Let’s talk about presentation. We recommend avoiding wearing shirts that have visible logos, brand names, or loud text. Also, try on a few different outfits, do your hair, makeup to see what looks best. Basically, whatever makes you walk out of the door feeling like a million bucks, do that! Confidence is always key.

  • Finally, relax and be your natural gorgeous self! Try not to read from a script or from a product label while filming and just talk! Then rewatch your recording and look for things to improve upon, such as body language and expression. These are easy fixes that go a long way. Make sure to also cross-check the task brief to see if all scenes listed are part of your video 😉

Now let’s get into those edits 🤓

What on earth is an aspect ratio?! It’s not a rocket science, I swear! In terms of video, an aspect ratio is a relationship of the width to the height. It’s the shape of the frame, and frames are all a specific size. Now let's run through the main ones 🏃‍♀️


Now this is just a perfect square. You’re most apt to find it on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.


Simply a vertical video mostly used for Facebook and Instagram posts.


This aspect ratio is a full portrait, vertical video. So basically it is used for all the popular apps that have “story” features, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat.


It is easy to capture this format on almost all devices and it is considered the international standard format for television, cinema, and major online streaming platforms. To put it simply - it is a wide rectangle.

2 ways of achieving the perfect aspect ratio:

  • Camera settings. When filming, don't forget that different formats affect the quality and composition of your video. So, if you’re shooting in a specific aspect ratio and need to change it later, be aware of how it's going to affect your final product 🎥

  • Editing tools. If you're also wondering how you can edit your videos to fit a specific aspect ratio, we suggest you try out different video editing apps on your phone and find the one that's the most comfortable for your everyday use 😍 Our favourite at the moment is "InShot":

So that’s about it… See? It’s actually not that difficult. Once you get all the basics down, you’ll become a content creation machine 🙌 And as always, if you have any questions - message us anytime 💌


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