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Agency: Getting Started with Billo
Agency: Getting Started with Billo

Explore the different partnerships you can engage with 🤓

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Welcome to the Billo Partner Program 😎 Let us help you maximize the potential of the Billo marketplace 🚀

As a partner, there are 3 main types of engagements to choose from

  1. Business Partner - Agencies that enjoy creative control and budgets on behalf of their clients (brands) utilize the platform to get quick-turn, high-quality video content on a regular basis and across multiple brands. The agency has full ownership of this engagement and is billed directly by Billo.

  2. Services Partner - A Billo brand, existing or new can employ the services of an agency to manage their engagement within the Billo ecosystem. The brand has full ownership of this engagement and is billed directly by Billo. Typically, agencies will command a ‘management fee’ directly from the brand and will perform services such as -

    1. Task Creation

    2. Short-Listing Creators

    3. Managing Logistics

    4. Post-Production Edits etc

  3. Referral Partner - Agency refers Billo to brands in need for video content and either earns a commission or can claim an exclusive discount for the brand. The brand has full ownership of this engagement and the agency will not typically have any access to the brand’s Billo account.

Still not sure what type of engagement to choose from?

Type of Engagement

What it is

How it works

Business Partner

Agency leads the creative direction for the brand/client they are working with, and has ownership over all videos produced on the platform

By purchasing 2 Basic videos for 1 creative concept, an Agency can pitch this for use to a client. The winning video will be used as a guide for the final task (which can also be ordered in Premium quality 😉)

Services Partner

Client creates the brand account and employs their own agency to manage tasks they create in the platform. Ownership of all videos on the platform belongs to the brand.

Agencies can organize their Brand Managers using the Billo Checklist to create briefs for brands to sign off, plan and order videos on behalf of the client on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Referral Partner

Agency refers Billo to brands/clients who need video content and can claim exclusive discounts for the brand, bonuses for referring them, as well as monthly rewards. Video ownership belongs to the brand.

A Client signs-up and orders videos on Billo via affiliate link provided by agency and the agency makes a commission on the first order. They can also use an exclusive first-time discount code shared by the agency, provided by Billo.

If you want more information, feel free to get in touch with our team at [email protected] or check out our Agency Help Center 🚀

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