If you've already checked out our article: How to create a task? and still need some guidance on how to make this inviting for a creator, this one is for you 🀩

πŸ’‘ This is what your creators see when they are using the Billo Creator's app and browsing through tasks:

When reviewing a task, the creator is able to see the Product Description, Ad Requirements, Scenario, and What to mention - these are the main details that help a creator decide if they will apply to a task or not.

A cool-sounding product 😎 a clear task brief, and an easy to understand scenario 😌 would be the best way to entice creators to work on your task πŸš€

You can check out the article: what to put in the scenes and mentions to give you a better idea of what to put in this part of your task πŸ˜‰

Here are some "magic marketing words" you can try using ✨

  • Value: Highlights the value that customers will receive when using your product

  • Guaranteed: Sparks the feeling that they have lots to gain and nothing to lose.

  • Amazing/incredible: Showing something unique or out of the ordinary

  • Easy: Shows how easy it will be if they use your product or service

  • New: Like β€œfree,” β€œnew” can make people notice your task more

  • Safe and effective: good benefits for using the product

  • Complimentary: another way to say β€œfree.”

  • Convenient: Highlights ease of use

  • Introducing: Gives a sense of users "being the first" to know

  • Join: Welcoming them into part of a community

And 3 words to avoid

  • Unique: Too commonly used, that it loses its meaning

  • Great: Generic word choice

  • Exciting: Can also be as generic as "great" and as common as "unique"

Creating Your First Task

Simply click on Get Video to get started with a task brief.

Firstly, create a product for the brand by clicking on Create a new product.

A new window will open, and you will be able to fill in all the details needed to make a new product πŸš€

Creating a product for a digital product/service? Check this out
πŸ‘‰ Creating Task for Digital product


1) Add your product photo in the dark background and without additional text on it, this photo appears on Billo mobile app when Billo creators search for tasks to apply.

2) Add your product retail price (creators get cash rewards but also see the value of your product).

3) Need to collect information from your creators? Add these questions to the product preferences form. Creator will answer these questions when they submit their applications.

You can also create or edit products information using the toolbar on the left side of your screen: Brand > Products.

Once you created your product, go ahead and select your video type:

Then decide what video quality you want:

And duration for it:

Some scenes and mentions will be automatically suggested for your task. You can decide if they fit your needs, and adjust accordingly to what you want the creator to do and say in the video.

  • Scenes are for you to explain what the creator should do, how your product should be filmed, and what function of your product should be highlighted. You can add new scenes, change places or delete them.

  • Mentions is a part where you should write the phrases that the creator should mention while talking about your brand and product, promo, and call to action. We do have some predefined phrases to choose from but again you can add new ones, edit suggested ones, change places, or delete them.

  • Additional Details, which are only visible to your approved creator, allow you to give more instructions and clarifications, including links to images, websites, references, etc πŸ”—

Please keep in mind, you are hiring a creator that is not a professional video maker, make sure to leave clear instructions that they could follow, but also leave them space to improvise and add personal insight on your product.

The next step is to choose the right aspect ratio, for your video.

Keep in mind that different aspect ratios are required on different platforms and your ad performance also depends on it.


This is just a perfect square. You’re most apt to find it on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as feed posts.


Simply a vertical video mostly used for Facebook and Instagram feed posts.


This aspect ratio is a full portrait, vertical video. So basically it is used for all the popular apps that have β€œstory” features, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.


It is a wide horizontal rectangle shape. This aspect ratio is used for Amazon and Youtube.

Now, for the optional Add-ons

You can add subtitles to your video, so it's convenient for the sound-off viewers. Did you know that about 85% of users watch the videos with the sound off? πŸ”•

If you want your video to stand out and highlight specific features of the product, you can order animations for your video. ✨

Note: If you choose to add either subtitles or full edits (callouts, animations, logo, call-to-action) to your video, you will still receive a raw video version too.

Have a specific kind of creator in mind?

If, for example, your product is only for women or you want creators in a certain age group to be more reliable to your audience, you can set creators' criteria according to your needs.

You can order as many videos on Billo as needed. Each video in the task will be made by a different creator that you have chosen.

Once you are finished with creating a task and placing an order, we will review it within 1 business day and open it for creators to apply.

If you still need help with creating an inviting task, get in touch with your main contact or email us at [email protected]

Check out our Agency Help Center for more helpful articles

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