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Looking for a Specific Creator
Looking for a Specific Creator

Do you have specific requirements for creators applying to your task?

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Looking for a particular creator but not sure how to start? Billo provides the tools and features you need to choose creators with specific qualities that match your needs.

We have a wide variety of creators so we might just have the creator you need for your task. You can add this requirement under the additional note of Creator Criteria so qualified creators can apply.

Creators from a specific location πŸ“

If you need a creator from a specific state you can indicate this under creator criteria. This is visible to creators before they apply to the task and you can confirm this information on their profile when you review creator applications.

You might also need creators who have access to specific locations like a gym, pool, court, park, gold course, car, 'mkketc. These are things you can specify so it attracts the right creators.

Creators with kids, pets, or partners 🐢 πŸ§’ πŸ‘«

  • Do you need a creator with a dog?

  • Should the creator have kids aged 7-10?

  • Are you looking for a creator with a partner/husband/wife?

We certainly have creators who fit this requirement so if this is something you need for the video you can indicate this and creators who fit can apply.

Creator needs to own something specfic

  • Props: green screen, etc.

  • Sports equipment: barbell, golf clubs, fishing rod, etc.

  • Fitness watch: Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.

  • Motorcycle

Here are just some specific things you might need from a creator. It would help to add this to the creator preference as it is the best way to find the creator you are looking for.

Looking for older creators

Our creators range from 18 to 60+ years old. We have older creators who do UGC videos too. Usually here are some things brand look for:

  • Creators aged 50+ with a fit build.

  • I need creators who are 45+.

Looking for creators with a specific occupation

You might need creators with a specific occupation, this information will be visible to you when you review your applications and you can confirm this with them once you approve them for the task via chat.

Add this relevant information under creator preference so you can find the right creator. Here are some examples:

  • Athletes

  • Personal trainer

  • Nurses

  • Singers

  • Bartender

  • Chef

If you're not sure if we have the creator you are looking for you just remember that you can utilize the Creator Criteria section of the task brief to ensure that your task reaches the right creators. ✨

Need help? Reach out to our Customer Support team πŸ’¬

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