You've created a task, and while browsing through the list of creators who applied, you found more creators that you want to work with 🀩

That's awesome! To add creators to your task, you can follow this guide:

After you have approved the creator you'd like to work with, you'll be presented with options to "select" another creator to work with on the "Applications" page πŸš€


  1. Select the additional creators you want to work with

  2. You will see an option to "check-out" on the bottom right of the screen

  3. A pop-up of your payment information will appear, and you will be able to confirm the order for additional creators

When you check back on the brand dashboard, you will see that the video example of the creators you added to your task has disappeared, because they have been added to your task 🀩

Once you have been charged, you will be able to see their information on the "Product Delivery" Page 🚚

❗️Please note that discount codes cannot be applied when adding additional creators.

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