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Add a Unique Video to Your Task
Add a Unique Video to Your Task

Order an additional video from the same creator

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Double the impact, half the work! By adding an extra unique video on the same product from your chosen creator not only saves time and resources but also offers two different perspectives to captivate your audience and drive action.

Tips for Adding a Unique Video to Your Task:

  • Share a clear brief with your video vision, target audience, and style to guide the creator effectively.

  • Explain what makes this video unique compared to others, so the creator understands its distinctiveness.

  • Clarify your video's main goals, like brand awareness or sales, to help the creator align with your objectives.

Content Suggestions

Here are some ideas to explore when ordering an additional unique video to your task. You can put these in the

  1. Product Showcase & How-To Tutorial:

    • Video 1: A visually appealing product showcase highlighting its design and key features.

    • Video 2: A detailed how-to tutorial demonstrating how to use the product effectively, catering to both curious viewers and potential customers.

  2. Unboxing Experience & Customer Testimonials:

    • Video 1: An exciting unboxing experience video capturing the anticipation and reveal of your product.

    • Video 2: Real customer testimonials discussing their experiences and satisfaction with the product, building trust and credibility.

  3. Customer Success Stories & Exploring Product in use:

    • Video 1: Customer success stories where satisfied clients share their experiences with your product.

    • Video 2: Exploring various use cases and scenarios in which your product can be applied, inspiring potential customers with ideas.

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