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Let's talk about your VIDEO PITCH. πŸŽ₯
Let's talk about your VIDEO PITCH. πŸŽ₯

Guidelines on how to film a pitch

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πŸ’‘ First things first: VIDEO PITCH

Whether brands choose to work with you or not will depend on your video pitch. So, make sure it shows your absolute best!
​IMPORTANT: You'll get another try to adjust your pitch immediately if it needs fixing; if you do not succeed on the second try, you would have to try again after 2 months.



Start with a direct introduction to the camera. State your name and immediately establish yourself as a Billo creator. Confidence is key here.


Transition smoothly into a visually dynamic montage. Showcase a mix of your skills, personality, hobbies, pets, and any branded content you’ve worked on. Use quick cuts to maintain a fast-paced flow.

β€’ Remember to overlay this part with a voiceover, highlighting why brands should choose you. Be concise and let your work speak for itself.


Transition back to a direct shot to the camera. End the video with: β€˜Hire me for your next video on Billo.’ Make sure to convey enthusiasm and leave a memorable impression.


Here is an example of AWESOME video pitches done by our creators 🀩

If they can do it, you can too! πŸš€ So, let's do our best to nail this pitch, shall we? 😎


☞ Being on point with the scenario

The scenario should be followed - it needs to have an introduction, a video montage with a voiceover, and a call to action.

☞ Visual Quality

❗️Important: Please make sure to disable HDR in your phone settings before recording, as it affects video quality and coloring when uploaded to the Billo Creator App. Details:

Clean your camera lens, choose a well-lit spot for filming, and ensure your video isn't blurry, overly dark, or pixelated. If you're using your phone, it's a good idea to use the rear-facing camera, even for selfie shots.

Tip: You can pick up extra lighting tips from our guide: Shooting in Natural Light.

☞ Audio Quality

For top-notch audio quality, the main focus should be on getting rid of background noise. While it's suggested to use an external microphone, if you don't have one, just find a peaceful corner in your home away from loud appliances like washing machines or fans.

Tip: It's a good idea to give your video a quick listen with earphones to catch any unwanted sounds. For further advice on achieving superb audio, check out our Tips for Good Audio Quality.

☞ Framing

Keep your footage stable by positioning the camera in front of you at eye level, rather than holding it. Stay centered in the frame and capture yourself from the waist up. Aim for a clean background; say no to clutter, movement, or tiny spaces like cars.

☞ Video editing quality

Simplicity is key! When editing, strive for minimalism – skip text captions, heavy color filters, harsh transitions, or background music. Keep your video free from app logos, watermarks, or social media handles.

Additionally, make sure each clip fits within a 9x16 frame: no black edges or blurry frames should surround your content. You can learn more about this in the article: Video Resolution Requirements.

☞ Camera Presence

Being enthusiastic and passionate is key. Just don't go overboard – maintain a calm yet energetic tone. It's a good idea to write a script and get it down before recording, so you can share your story confidently!

Tip: You can pick up extra camera presence tips from our guide: All About Camera Presence.

So, why wait any longer? Now you're all set to create your amazing video masterpiece!

What happens after the video pitch is uploaded?

Once your video is uploaded on the Billo Creator's app, our Talent Manager can take up to 7 business days to review this.

βœ… If the video fits our quality standards, you’ll be approved and ready to apply to tasks straight away.

❗️If your video pitch was rejected - we will send you a message asking for changes & share some useful tips for your second try. πŸ˜‰
P.S. If you have any questions - you can reach out to us via chat anytime πŸ’Œ

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