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Let’s talk about the most important part of your profile - the video pitch!

To show off the brands why they would enjoy working with you without even meeting you, you have to nail your video pitch!

After you sign-up on the platform, make a video introducing yourself to thousands of cool brands! The video pitch is about YOU - it’s not an ad for a specific product (you’ll work on those later haha)!

Tips & Tricks:

1. ​Introduce yourself! 👋

Now’s your chance to show off all the strong and unique qualities that you have. Pick up your favorite product, and don’t forget to focus on yourself and how that product aligns with being the superhuman that you are!

If you’re a parent, pet owner, dancer - anything that makes you is the thing to show off!

2. Length. ⏰

Important! Do not exceed the 15s duration. The brands will use your content for their ads and the rules are pretty strict when it comes to the duration of the video

3. Aspect ratio. 📐

Make sure the aspect ratio of the video is 9:16.

Not sure how? You can edit the format using the “InShot” app while clicking on “canvas”.

4. Light. 💡

Shoot in a well-lit area or use natural light. Make sure to choose a neutral and non-distracting background.

5. Give Yourself Some Space! 🌎

Don’t be too close to a camera or too far away. Some space above your head and on the sides and you’ll be good to go. You can turn on your grid - this will work perfectly for a 9:16 aspect ratio!

6. Camera level. 🎥

Keep the camera steady and at eye level. No one likes shaky footage so use a tripod or just put the camera sturdy.

7. No filters. 🚫

Do not add any text, filters, or music to the video.

8. Branding. 🤓

Make sure the branding/product packaging is readable. If not - just flip the video and you’ll be all set! ⬇️

9. Energy. 🙌

Pump yourself up! You’re the only person in the room, and you’re the director. In order to avoid sounding flat on camera, get hyped with your favorite track, take a lap around the room, if-else fails, just shake it out and get loose.

Talk to the camera like how you would talk to your favorite human - keep eye contact and avoid looking in different directions. Confidence is key!

If you’re more of a visual learner, here is a video from our creator Mei Lu - she is a pro on Video Pitches!

Once your video is uploaded on the Billo app, our Talent Manager will review it in 24 hours or less.
If the video fits our quality standards, you’ll be approved and ready to apply to tasks.

If not - we will reach out to you via email asking for changes & share some useful tips. You’ll have 7 days to re-upload your pitch.

P.S. If you have any questions - message us anytime 💌


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