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For Creators: TikTok Tips & Tricks
For Creators: TikTok Tips & Tricks

Not sure how to make the best videos for TikTok? We're here to help you out 🎢

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TikTok is an awesome platform that brands use to promote short videos that are fun, informative, and honest. As a creator at Billo, we'd love to see you really use your creativity to make fun videos especially when the brief states that they are meant for TikTok 😎 YOU GOT THIS! πŸ‘

Check out this video of some TikToks with the MOST LIKES ever! 🀩

How to create AWESOME TikToks for brands working with Billo?

Videos that a creator makes for brands working with Billo have specific requirements, and it's important to make sure that these are followed before you start working on your video, otherwise, you might not be able to upload them.

πŸ’‘ More about video requirements here: For Creators: Video Resolution Requirements

When working on tasks that are meant for TikTok, here are a few things to remember:

❌ add music from TikTok

instead ➑️ βœ… use your own original audio, but keep in mind anything with background music is not allowed.

❌ upload videos with the TikTok watermark

instead ➑️ βœ… use an app like Snaptik to download your video with no watermark

❌ add text on top of your video

instead ➑️ βœ… make sure that you follow the brief with no added text or graphics to your video. You can even point to areas where text could can be placed by the Billo editors.

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… It's all about the creator πŸ‘‹ speak directly to the camera when showing the product

βœ… Authenticity is key πŸ”‘ actually use the product and show the features in your video

βœ… Check out trending videos, and find a way to incorporate the product in your video

Check out this Billo Creator Masterclass by one of our very own creators:

Here are other helpful videos to help you level up your skills 😎

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