A Video Ad is the most flexible type of video ad that brands can order on Billo πŸš€ Most of the time these types of videos are used as ads across multiple platforms.

There are some cases where brands will order a Video Ad for a specific platform, and usually, they put this in the Task name or Scenario part of the task πŸ’¬

DOs and DON'Ts when making Video Ads πŸ€“


βœ… Get straight to the point and be informative, while keeping the script short

βœ… Use a strong Call-to-Action πŸ“£

βœ… Engage with the viewers in a fun and relatable way πŸ‘―


❌ Rely on the audio, use facial expressions and actions that can be translated even if the video is muted

❌ Use a lengthy intro. Simplicity is key, and avoid overcomplicating the script

❌ Create a video that is far from the original branding of the brand you're representing 🀝

What to include in Video Ads?

  • Cool product features that show the uniqueness of the item

  • A captivating hook (we recommend this within the first 3 seconds 🎣)

  • Engaging facial expressions and actions that will capture the viewer's attention

How are Video Ads different from other Video Types?

  • Highlights all the positive features of the product of a brand

  • Showcases the product in a fun and exciting way

  • Allow brands and creators to express their creativity through a thoughtful scenario

Filming Videos Across different platforms 🀩

Some tips for filming awesome video ads for each platform πŸ˜‰

⚫️ TikTok

TikTok is all about trends and being able to keep up with viral videos on your FYP will help you produce great videos for this platform 🀩 Check out our Best Practices for Tiktok ads!

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… It's all about the creator πŸ‘‹ speak directly to the camera when showing the product

βœ… Authenticity is key πŸ”‘ actually use the product and show the features in your video

βœ… Check out trending videos, and find a way to incorporate the product in your video

πŸ”΅ Facebook

Facebook Video Ads are usually shown in-stream, before or during a video that users are watching πŸ“± These can also come in the form of Facebook stories, where followers of the brand can watch the latest content.

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… Make sure you have high energy to really engage the viewers

βœ… Attention-grabbing enough that users won't likely press "skip ad"

βœ… Start off with a bang πŸ’₯ a great intro or call to action at the start can instantly hook viewers

🟣 Instagram

Instagram Reels are a great way to share bite-sized videos, usually short 15-second multi-clip shots. These videos are shared all over the platform and are a fun and engaging way to show engaging content to your consumers. 🀳

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… Highlight the brand and share details about what it's about

βœ… Show the product, features, advantages, price, and other cool info

βœ… This is the place to step out of your comfort zone and show your creativity

πŸ”΄ YouTube

The original video content platform, YouTube Video Ads are shown TrueView In-Stream and have to fit within 15 and 60 seconds. For maximum impact, you'll want to hook the possible customer within the first 3 seconds of your video 🎣

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… Captivate the audience with a compelling call to action

βœ… Relate to the audience by explaining a shared experience

βœ… Associate the brand as a solution

🟑 Amazon

Video Ads on Amazon are shown all over the website and showcase the very best features of a brand's product. There are some guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that the video will be approved by Amazon ✍️

Remember the following tips when creating content for this platform:

βœ… Share keywords related to the product in your video

βœ… Showcase only the very best and buy-worthy features of the product

βœ… Don't make claims about the product being #1 or the "Best Seller" as this might cause issues for ad-approval

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