Once you create a task on Billo, you will see that it will not be set to "Active" right away. It usually takes up to 1 business day for tasks "In Review" to be set to "Active"

Please ensure your Billing Information is complete and up-to-date to ensure that your task will be approved on the first try 🚀

Here is a breakdown of what your task statuses mean, and what action needs to be taken:

Pending Payment means that the payment method failed, or you have not yet added payment info to your profile. Please double-check your Billing Information, and make sure this is complete before our finance team can proceed with charging your task 🚀

Pending Details means that you haven't filled in the Scenes or Mentions or did not press the "save" button before submitting your task. The "DONE" button confirms that you filled in all the information correctly and no details are missing in the task. To fix this, click on "EDIT" > add missing info > "SAVE"

A task In Review means you have completed all the steps needed for this task. You have not yet been charged for your task if it's In Review. You can no longer edit your task.

An Active task means that your card has been charged, and your task is now visible for Billo Creators to see and apply to your task 🤩

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