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Shipping Multiple Products to Your Creator
Shipping Multiple Products to Your Creator

Is it possible to send your creator multiple products for 1 task?

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It is possible to send your creators multiple products for 1 task, but keep in mind there are a few things to consider:

  • You are still creating 1 product in a task, but it describes a bundle

  • Every approved creator gets the same products.

  • The task brief should clearly mention that they'll receive and use multiple products in their video.

Sending Multiple Products to Creators

This flexibility enables clients to provide a range of items, but since you can only create and select 1 product per task, these products need to be bundled together or packaged as 1 product.

There are 2 steps to creating a product with multiple items:

  1. Fill in the product details with a description of the bundle that the creator will be receiving.

  2. When creating your task, all you need to do is select the bundle product you made

It's that simple! You can now proceed with the steps to Create a Task!

Informing Creators About Multiple Products

When creating your task brief, we advise including this in the scenario, as well as the additional details, so that it will be clear for the creator that they need to use all the products they receive in the video:

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