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You've been applying to tasks to get cool products from brands and create videos for them, and find yourself with a whole lot of tasks on your to-do list πŸ₯΅ You might be feeling overwhelmed, but it's always important to remember the DOs and DON'Ts of being a Billo Creator πŸš€

To be the BEST Billo creator please DO πŸ‘

βœ… Check the product's tracking so you can plan when you will make your video

βœ… Read and review the scenarios, mentions, and additional details of the task

βœ… Try your best to make a video that fits the duration of the task

βœ… Upload your videos in a timely manner (5 days from when you get the product)

βœ… Inform support if you have any delay to deliver the content
βœ… Update support if some products are missing/broken

βœ… If you are going on a vacation/trip, let the support team know about this

βœ… Update us if you changed or will change your address

βœ… If you have a general question, check out the help center first 🀩

βœ… Reply to the CS Team when we reach out or ask you a question πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

βœ… When reaching out about a task, don't forget to share the Task ID

βœ… Use the direct chat to get in touch with the brand about clarifications for the task

βœ… Only upload videos you make to the task they are meant for πŸ˜‰

βœ… BE YOURSELF and let your personality shine as you reenact the script

Try your best, and DON'T πŸ‘Ž

❌ Create different threads for the same question, we will get back to you ASAP! πŸƒ
❌ Ignore the support team, when asked for an update😭 your replies are appreciated

❌ Add any extra edits to your video (e.g text, music, graphics, watermarks, etc.)
❌ Make a video that's longer or shorter than the duration ordered 😎

❌ Post your videos to your personal Social Media accounts

❌ Send content or any videos to brands outside of Billo or via direct chat

❌ Upload the same video for different brands with the same product in the task πŸ˜“

❌ Run away with the product πŸ₯Ί

We would like to highlight these responsibilities for you as a creator:

  • Upload the content 5 days after the product is in your hands and edited videos in 48 hours after you receive the request

    πŸ’‘ PRO TIP: the quicker you upload your videos or edited videos, the more chances there are of activating the bonus payout 🌟 More about the bonus system here πŸš€

  • Update us if some products are not what you expected

    Complicated installations, extra products you're unsure about, wrong or broken products should be reported to the CS Team, so we can reach out to the brand.

  • Inform us if you have any delay to deliver the content (for exceptional cases)

    If you think you will be experiencing some delays in uploading your video, you can reach out to the CS team so we can help you out πŸ‘―

If you can not follow the 5-day rule to upload your videos, we will have to temporarily pause your account 😒

What does that mean?

  • You won’t be able to apply to any new tasks.

  • You will be removed from tasks that you applied for but weren’t yet approved for them.

  • You will still be able to upload your videos to the platform and get paid for them.

πŸ’‘ PRO TIP: If you have any clarifications about the task brief, instructions, video duration, additional details, or if you're just unsure on how you should proceed, you can always reach out to the support team and we will do our best to help you out!

Interested to level up your skills?

We have Masterclasses made by Creators to help you become the best creator ever! πŸš€

In Superstar Skills For The On-Camera Creative, Mei Lu goes over her way of making the perfect brand ad and all the elements involved in shooting the best possible video. She gives us her tips for creating a successful brand video every time!

Enjoy! πŸ₯³

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