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What is a Mashup Video?
What is a Mashup Video?

Where can I find the mashup video included in my credit pack?

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Mashup videos can be a fun and creative way to showcase your videos on Billo. They are created by the in-house editing team of Billo, and are done by putting together parts of multiple videos to create a new video that tells a different story.

How to get your Mashup Video?

The Mashup video comes as an exclusive bonus with the purchase of selected credit packs only. Once all videos from these packs are approved, you will receive the mashup via email within 48 hours.

❗️A link to the mashup will be added to the notes section of your most recent task associated with the pack you purchased. You do not need to create a task for this.

If you want to request edits or you have specifications for your Mashup Video, please contact support so we can assist you πŸ’¬

Why order a credit pack that comes with a Mashup Video?

  • More engaging for your customers because there is a variety of creators who are part of the video πŸ˜‰

  • Your video stands out from the rest and becomes memorable because of the combination of all the different elements from multiple videos 🀩

  • A fun and creative bonus video that takes all the best parts of the Videos that you order on the platform πŸ‘―

Interested in our Mashup videos?

You can watch some examples of Mashups that brands have ordered here πŸ‘‡

Check out our credit packs, and select the packs that come with a mashup video πŸš€

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