Creating your first task is really easy! If you've already created your Brand account on Billo - well done! If you're new here, you can create your Brand account in 2 easy steps. 😎 Then follow the steps below to make your task ✨

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Part 1: Task

  1. Select Your Product Type πŸ“¦

  2. Select the Video Type

  3. Select the Video Quality

    Learn more about Basic vs Premium quality.

  4. Choose the Duration

  5. Choose the video format

    Learn more about aspect ratios

  6. You have the option to select any editing services for your videos

    *Did you know that about 85% of users watch videos with the sound off? πŸ”•

    You can add subtitles to your video, so it's convenient for the sound-off viewers.

    If you want your video to stand out and highlight specific features of the product, you can order animations for your video. ✨

    Note: If you choose to add editing services, you will still receive an original video version too. Learn more about editing services.

  7. Photos

    You have the option to order 4 authentic product photos from each creator πŸ“Έ

  8. Select your Creator Criteria

    If, for example, your product is only for women or you want creators in a certain age group to fit your target audience, you can set creators' criteria according to your needs.

    Maximize this by using the Creators Preference Field: A field within the "Creator Criteria" part of the task, which shares what qualifications you need from your creator so they can complete the task 🀩 You can also invite creators you've worked with in the past (if they fit in the criteria)

  9. Select the Number of Videos then proceed to the Next Step.

    You can order as many videos on Billo as needed. Each video in the task will be made by a different creator that you have chosen. 🀩

Part 2: Order

1. Finalize your order summary, add a promo code if you have one, agree with the terms, and "submit secure payment" to confirm your order πŸ’³

Part 3: Brief

1. Create a new product πŸ“¦

2. Add the Product Information ✍️

Product Details: Add any important information related to your product, and check the tag to make sure you are creating the correct product πŸ˜‰

Additional Details: You have the option to add the product pronunciation here, as well as the product preferences form

3. Add the Scenario to your task πŸš€

Some scenes and mentions will be automatically suggested for your task. You can decide if they fit your needs, and adjust accordingly to what you want the creator to do and say in the video. You can also give your Creators the freedom to make your video by using Creative Mode.


For you to explain what the creator should do, how your product should be filmed, and what function of your product should be highlighted. You can add new scenes, change places or delete them.


the part where you should write the phrases that the creator should mention while talking about your brand and product, promo, and call to action. We do have some predefined phrases to choose from but again you can add new ones, edit suggested ones, change places, or delete them.

4. Maximize the additional details

A field inside the task details that will allow you to give more instructions and clarifications, including links to images, websites, references, etc πŸ”—

5. Content Examples

You can add up to 3 links to content examples you would like to share with creators, or in-house editors (in case you ordered Editing services)

6. Click on "Done" to finish creating your task πŸš€

Once you are finished with creating a task and placing an order, we will review it within 1 business day and open it for creators to apply.

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