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How does Billo work?
Demo: How does Billo work?
Demo: How does Billo work?

Process explained simple.

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Using Billo is really easy! πŸš€ To keep it short and simple here is How Billo Works:

  1. Brand creates tasks on Billo Manage

  2. Content creators apply to complete these tasks, Brand selects content creators and sends out the products

  3. The creator will make a video according to the task brief that you provided πŸ˜‰

  4. Selected content creators complete tasks, upload content and

  5. The uploaded video will go through our Internal Quality check (if you ordered editing services it will be done in-house by Billo motion graphic designers) and then the video will be visible once the content is ready for approval

  6. When the content is ready for approval, you are given the option to request edits or approve the video from your creator. πŸš€

Once the video is approved the licensing rights are yours, and creators get rewarded πŸŽ‰

Demo Video

For a visual walkthrough, check out this Demo Video 🀩

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