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How does Billo work?
How do I find the videos to approve?
How do I find the videos to approve?

I can't find the content that my creator uploaded

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Once your creator uploads a video, this will undergo our Internal Quality Check done by the Billo team. It usually takes 1 business day for our team to review your video, and once your creator's video passes, this will be visible for you to review πŸ˜‰

There are 2 ways for you to find the videos already submitted by creators that requires your approval:

1. Click on Videos and you will find all videos submitted by creators from different tasks

2. Open Task > Click on "Videos" > Approve video

If you are not happy with the video you can always Request for edits πŸš€ Check this out ➑️ How to request for video edits

πŸ’‘ PRO TIP: The Billo watermark will be removed when you download any approved video 😎

If you want to review all the videos you have already approved:

Click on Videos > My Videos > You'll be able to see all of the videos you've approved in one place

This is also a great way to see the creators you have worked with, in case you want to work with them again πŸš€

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