Billo offers two different types of products that you can order videos for 🎥

  • Physical Products are items that need to be shipped to the creator 🚚

  • Digital Product or Service are products that do not have any item to be shipped because you can access it online. These are used for our App & Game Video Types 📲

There are 2 simple ways you can create a product for tasks 🚀

Creating a product on the Task Creation Page

  1. Click on "Create new task"

2. Select "Create a new product"

3. A pop-up window will open up, where you can input the product link and additional details ➡️ This is where you select Physical Product or a Digital Product

4. Click Create product

Creating a product from the Products Page

1. From your Brand page > go to Products > Create

2. Input your product link and additional details, including the Product Preferences form ➡️ This is where you select Physical Product or a Digital Product

3. Click Create product

How do I select an existing product for my task?

When creating a new task, the first thing you will be able to see is "Your Product" this is where you can select any existing product for your task 😉

Congratulations! 🎉 You've created a product that you can select when creating tasks 😎


1) add your product photo in the dark background and without additional text on it, this photo appears on Billo mobile app when Billo creators search for tasks to apply.

2) add your product retail price (creators get cash rewards but also see the value of your product).

3) Is your product personalized? Include a product preferences form. Creator will answer these questions when they submit their applications.

4) You can only create 1 product per task

5) Once a product has been created, you cannot change the Product Type from Physical to Digital and vice-versa. You need to create a new product instead.
6) You cannot change the Product once the task is Active and the product has been shipped

Need to change your product for an active task? Send us a message via chat 💬 so we can help you out 🙏

Experiencing issues? Here are some reasons why you might receive the "product save failed" notice:

  • Product instructions character count exceeds 1000

  • Product description character count exceeds 1000

  • Product homepage URL or access link may be wrong

  • Product title is not present

  • There is an empty question in the product preference form

  • There is a question in product preference form which exceeds 50 characters

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