What is Creative mode?

A simplified scenario - give creators freedom on how they showcase your product. 🚀

Why use Creative mode?

  • Give freedom so your Creators can unleash their skills and creativity

  • Creators can produce relatable and organic videos, that showcase your product as they see fit

  • There is no scenario just Additional details that your Creators can use as reference on what to include 📃

  • You can request edits to your video when it's in Creative mode

See examples of awesome videos made with Creative Mode 🎭

How to use "Creative Mode"

Once you've completed the initial details on the Task Creation page, click on "Next Step" to access the Scenario part of your task

Once you're in the Scenario, click on the slider beside "Creative Mode" and you will only be able to add Additional Details to your task.

This field is visible to creators, and can be used to share links, cool product features, or in general, the things about your product that you want your creator to highlight 😉 and you can always share more information with your Creator through the direct chat 📩

💡 Keep in mind that Honest Review videos are set to Creative Mode by default and cannot be changed.

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