You can track the status of the video using the direct chat with the creator 🤩

It looks something like this:

📦 Product Related Status Updates

📌 Product marked as not yet received

Creator has not received the product. If you think the product should have arrived by now, reach out to the creator or courier provider you used

📌 Product marked as damaged / incorrect

Your creator received a damaged or wrong product. They can not proceed further without your clarification. Please contact your creator.

📌 Product marked received

The product safely arrived, and is now in the Creator's hands! Your creator now has 7-12 days to upload your video.

🎥 Video Related Status Updates

📌 Video uploaded and pending review by Billo Quality Team

Billo Quality Assurance will review the video in 1 business day 🚀

📌 Edits requested by Billo Quality Team

Our quality assurance team found some issues. Creator has to fix them and reupload them in 2 business days.

📌 Video uploaded and awaiting post-production

Our in-house team of editors is working on the editing services you ordered. This will take up to 1-2 business days.

📌 Content ready for approval. It will be auto-approved in 3 workdays

You can approve or request edits during this stage. Make sure to take action within 3 business days otherwise, the video will be auto-approved by our system.

📌 Content auto-approved by Billo

The video has been auto-approved, and you will no longer be able to request for edits. Honest Review videos will always be auto-approved by Billo.

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